Email Not being Received

Time to Execute:15m

1. Two "mailboxes" for the user Favad Qaisar with the same PrimarySmtpAddress "" provisioned on two different tenants and

2. Ideally, there should be a single mailbox provisioned for a user on office 365 and you cannot have same identities of a user associated with different accounts in the same tenant or on a different tenant on office 365.

3. In this case, when the user is trying to send an email to, it's able to find the user internally within the tenant

4. The recipient email address being resolved internally is resulting the email to be delivered locally in the same tenant

5. Therefore, when a person outside the organization sends an email to it's being delivered on mailbox existing on the tenant and the email sent from the internal user associated with the tenant, the email is delivered to the internal user Favad Qaisar which includes the email address

6. Delete the SMTP from tenant user so emails will be delivered to external user.

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