Call Shows Primary URI instead of Call Queue Name

Time to Execute: 30m

When a caller calls a call queue (one of Skype for Business, further SfB, features) the call is distributed to call queue members (also called agents in call centers). The call is announced to agents by ringing and by the call queue name displayed in agents' SfB window. Agents need to know the name of the call queue as the name identifies the type of the call and the topic the caller is calling about.
Agents are often members of multiple call queues which even more emphasized the importance of the call type/queue identification.

For example, a call queue named "Emergency" is used for emergency calls (security, medical, disaster). Agents receive many calls on different topics during the day but sometimes they might not answer the call if they are busy with other tasks. But if they receive a call which says "Emergency" they know they need to answer immediatelly as someone is calling for help for very serious reasons (health, safety, etc.).
And this feature works in SfB with one exception. It does not work for the first call to the particular call queue (for clarity, it does work for all consequtive calls).
Somebody would say not big deal. But imagine the agents get many calls during the day and suddently someone calls the emergency and the agent sees on the screen "hg_293641...." (call queue URI) instead of "Emergency" (call queue name) as this is the first emergency of the day. And agents see meaningless URIs every day because all the queues have the same flaw for the first call of the day.

We have tested this on multiple queues and with multiple agents and the behaviour is consistent.

We have a Microsoft case open on this topic but Microsoft backend team is claiming this behavior is by design. We argue to the contrary, as most of you would, this is a flaw as the features works but the first time.

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