Skype Hybrid Setup

1.       Connect to SfB Online via PowerShell.

2.       Run this command to check the Tenant configuration


3.       Run this command to enable Hybrid configuration on your Tenant

Set-CsTenantFederationConfiguration -SharedSipAddressSpace $True

4.       Run this command on your On-Prem Front-End to check EDGE configuration, important settings are yellowed.

Identity                               : Global
AllowAnonymousUsers                    : True
AllowFederatedUsers                    : True
AllowOutsideUsers                      : True
BeClearingHouse                        : False
EnablePartnerDiscovery                 : True
DiscoveredPartnerVerificationLevel     : UseSourceVerification
EnableArchivingDisclaimer              : True
EnableUserReplicator                   : False
KeepCrlsUpToDateForPeers               : True
MarkSourceVerifiableOnOutgoingMessages : True
OutgoingTlsCountForFederatedPartners   : 4
DnsSrvCacheRecordCount                 : 131072
DiscoveredPartnerStandardRate          : 20
EnableDiscoveredPartnerContactsLimit   : True
MaxContactsPerDiscoveredPartner        : 1000
DiscoveredPartnerReportPeriodMinutes   : 60
MaxAcceptedCertificatesStored          : 1000
MaxRejectedCertificatesStored          : 500
CertificatesDeletedPercentage          : 20
SkypeSearchUrl                         :
RoutingMethod                          : UseDnsSrvRouting

If settings are not as above, run this command to set it correctly

Set-CSAccessEdgeConfiguration -AllowOutsideUsers $true -AllowFederatedUsers $true -UseDnsSrvRouting -EnablePartnerDiscovery $true

5.       Run this command on your On-Prem Front-End to check existing Hosting Providers,


find the one with ProxyFqdn =

Identity : Skype for Business Online
Name : Skype for Business Online
ProxyFqdn :
VerificationLevel : UseSourceVerification
Enabled : True
EnabledSharedAddressSpace : True
HostsOCSUsers : True
IsLocal : False
AutodiscoverUrl :

6.       If some settings are different from above, remove the existing Hosting Provider and run this command to create the correct one

New-CSHostingProvider -Identity "Skype for Business Online" -ProxyFqdn "" -Enabled $true -EnabledSharedAddressSpace $true -HostsOCSUsers $true -VerificationLevel UseSourceVerification -IsLocal $false -AutodiscoverUrl

Now your hybrid configuration should work

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