Create Bulk users in office 365 tenant using CSV and Powershell


This script is used to create  bulk user in office 365 using a CSV file and Powershell

The following columns are required in the CSV:

-DisplayName: Name of the User

-FirstName: First name of the user

-LastName: Last name of the user

-UserprincipalName: Required Email address of the user

-UsageLocation: Location of the User

-LicenseAssignment: SkuID of the required license

-Password: Password of the user

-City: City of the user 

-Title: Job Title

-Office: Office

-Department: Department


Import-Csv -Path "C:\Users\tv\Desktop\Faculty.csv" | foreach {

New-MsolUser -DisplayName $_.DisplayName -FirstName $_.FirstName -LastName $_.LastName -UserPrincipalName $_.UserPrincipalName -UsageLocation "PK" -LicenseAssignment $_.Skuid -Password $_.Password -City $_.Campus -Title $_.JobProfile -Office $_.Office -Department $_.Department}

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