How to use the folder feature on Signaturely?

How to use the folder feature on Signaturely

The Signaturely file System will allow you to create folders to accommodate your files on Signaturely; We know that you will get a lot of documents signed with Signaturely and that organizing the file crucial to keep everything tight.  

Please use these guides to learn how to create and manage the document on the folder. 

Create Folder

1.- Go to the Signaturely document section

2.- Click on the “Create Folder” Button 

3.- On the Pop-up, name the folder and click “Create” to create the folder.

Move Document to a Folder

1.- Open the Signaturely document section

2.- Select the Files that you want to move to the Folder 

3.- Click on the “Select Options” Drop-Down Menu

4.- Click on the “Move to” Option

5.-Select the folder where you want to move the document

6.- Open the folder to verify that the documents moved correctly. 

We hope that the information provided here was helpful in your workflow. If you need to edit the permits of the folder, please read this guide.

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