How to Add and Assign a Phone Number in Microsoft Teams

Adding a Phone Number in Microsoft Teams

  1. Login to the Teams Admin Center.
  2. Once you log in, it would take you to the Teams Admin Center Dashboard. In the left navigation panel, look for Voice, and under Voice, click on Phone numbers.

  1. Once you are in the Phone numbers section, there would be an option to Add. Click on Add.

  2. Once you click on Add, Give a name for your order, and add a description. Choose a location for where you want the numbers for, and in Number type, select User(subscriber), Leave the operator as Microsoft.

  3. Underneath that, enter the quantity of phone numbers you want, and then select in which area you want the phone numbers from. For this demo, I am going to be using Search by area code, but you can Search by city name or Search by postal code.

  4. Then Click on Next.
  5. Once you click on Next, it would reserve the numbers for 10 minutes, and show you the reserved numbers, if you are satisfied with them, you can click on place order, otherwise click on back and reserve some other numbers.

  6. Click on Finish on the next screen.
  7. Your numbers would be added in Phone numbers section.

  8. Now to Assign these numbers to the users, click on the number to want to assign to a user. Then click on edit.

  9. In Assigned to, search for the user you want to assign this number to. In this demo, I’ll be using Adele Vance.

  10. After which select the emergency location, or create one of your own.

  11. Then Click on Apply.
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