How to Recover a VM from DPM?

Recovering a VM from DPM Console

  1. In the DPM Administrator Console, go to the Recovery view. Browse or search for the data you want to recover.

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  2. In the results pane, select the data. Available recovery points are indicated in bold on the calendar in the recovery points section. Select the bold date for the recovery point you want to recover.
  3. In the Recoverable item pane, select the recoverable item you want to recover. Click Recover on the tool ribbon to start the Recovery Wizard. Review the selection, and then click Next.
  4. Specify the type of recovery you would like to perform:
    • Recover to the original location
    • Recover to an alternative location—Type the alternative location, or click Browse and then on the Specify Alternate Recovery Destination dialog box, select a recovery location.
    • Copy to tape—This option copies the volume that contains the selected data to a tape in a DPM library. When you select this option, click Next and, on the Specify library screen, select library details and tape options. You can compress or encrypt data on this screen.
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    • Specify your recovery options:
      • Existing version recovery behavior—Set this option appears if you selected to recover to original location.
      • Restore security—Set this option if you selected to recover to the original or alternative location.
  5. In Network bandwidth usage throttling, click Modify to enable throttling and to select Settings and Work Schedule.
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  6. In Notification, click Send an e-mail when the recovery completes, and specify the recipients. Separate the email addresses with commas.
  7. Review settings, and then click Recover.
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