How to Create a Linux VM in Azure

Creating a Linux VM in Azure

  1. Go to the Azure Portal , click on Create a resource in the left-side navigation, then select the Compute category, then click on Ubuntu Server. At the time of writing this the version listed is Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS.

2. Next, fill in some details about your VM, such as the Name, Username, and method of Authentication. To keep things simple, you’ll want to set the Authentication type to Password, then enter a password you’ll use to login with the User name you’ve entered. Also, don’t forget to specify the Resource Group too, before clicking OK.

3. For the VM Size, I would recommend choosing a size with at least 2 vCPUs, as this will give you better performance for the UI. Although, 1 vCPU would work just fine too, just maybe a little more slowly.

Finally, click Create to create the new Ubuntu Linux VM!

Now that you have an Ubuntu Server Linux VM, you are ready to setup RDP support.

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