How to Install AIP Client on a Device?

Install AIP Client

  1. Go to the Microsoft Azure Information Protection page on the Microsoft website.
  2. Locate the Azure Information Protection client section and click the Windows icon. Click Download and save the AzInfoProtection.exe file.
  3. Run the executable file that was downloaded. If you are prompted to continue, click Yes.
  4. On the Install the Azure Information Protection client page:
    • Select the option to install a demo policy if you cannot connect to the cloud but want to see and experience the client side of Azure Information Protection by using a local policy for demonstration purposes. When your client connects to an Azure Information Protection service, this demo policy is replaced with your organization's Azure Information Protection policy.
    • Click I agree when you have read the license terms and conditions.Image result for install the Azure Information Protection client
  5. If you are prompted to continue, click Yes, and wait for the installation to finish.
  6. Click Close. Before you start to use the Azure Information Protection client:
    • If your computer runs Office 2010, restart your computer and then go to the next section for your final step.
    • For other versions of Office, restart all Office applications and all instances of File Explorer. Your installation is now complete and you can use the client to label and protect your documents and emails.Image result for install the Azure Information Protection client
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