How to Make Collections based on OU in SCCM?

Collections based on OU in SCCM

1.       Open SCCM Console, Under Assets and Compliance, Click on Create Tab in Home Tab and then click on Create Device Collection.

2.       A wizard would open up, Choose Name of the Collection, Select the Limiting Collection and Click on Next.

3.       On the Membership Rules page, Click on Add Rule and the Query Rule and then click on Next.

4.       Here, Enter the Name again and Click on Edit Query Statement.

5.       Here go to the tab Criteria and Click on New Button.

6.       In the Criterion Properties, Select Criterion Type as Simple Value, then Click on Select. A new dialog box would open, Select Attribute Class as System Resource and Attribute as System OU Name and click Ok.

7.       Back on the Criterion Properties page, click on Value and Select the OU.

8.       Click on OK in the next three dialog boxes.

9.       It’ll bring you back on the Membership Rules Page, Click on Next.

10.   Click on Next and review the Summary.

11.   Upon completion, Click on Close.

12.   Finally Review the Device Collection and it would be there!

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